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  • These 3 Important Indicators Are Signaling Economic Problems Ahead

    Here are three important indicators that will throw ice on the hot-economy narrative the mainstream media is pushing. Right now, the yield curve is dangerously close to flattening—soon after, it will invert. There is also the cash hoarding problem going on—and that’s a bad signal of economic health. Last, and most importantly, is a little-followed indicator—but one that is eerily accurate: The South-Korean Export Growth (SKEG) Indicator.

    May 08, 2018 | Adem Tumerkan |

  • Another Step Towards a Collapse of the Petrodollar

    For the past year and a half, a major topic throughout the alternative press has been the new Chinese oil futures contract settled/priced in yuan. The fact that China is directly challenging the Federal Reserve Note (the US dollar) is quite a significant change. For those that have been paying attention, this new futures oil contract is nothing more than the next step in China moving completely away from the Federal Reserve Note, and the “world reserve currency” system and towards a multi-polar world with several currencies being used for international trade.

    May 07, 2018 | The Daily Coin |

  • Will Gold Supply Meet Demand?

    New discoveries of gold have not kept pace with the demand. Unless significant new discoveries are made, the amount of available gold could decrease in the near future, which makes a price increase almost certain.

    May 06, 2018 | Lawerence Thomas |

  • This Billionaire Has Put Half His Net Worth Into Gold

    Some big investors see warning signs ahead for markets but are holding their positions. Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris is taking action: He’s put half of his $5.7 billion net worth into gold.

    May 01, 2018 | Tamim Elyan and Manus Cranny |

  • Something Big Is Happening and It’s Good for Gold

    DoubleLine CEO Jeff Gundlach, one of the largest bond market makers, is providing some dire predictions about the economy—and a very bullish one for gold.

    Apr 25, 2018 | ZeroHedge |

  • Gold Leaving US Vaults: Signs of Upcoming Currency War and Armed Conflict

    Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has toughened his stance against the US dollar, declaring that international loans should be made in gold instead of the American currency. Ankara is seeking to reduce dependence on the US financial system. Gold’s homecoming was partly prompted by the US threats to impose sanctions if Turkey goes through with the signed deal to purchase Russian S-400 missile defense systems.

    Apr 25, 2018 | Peter Korzun |

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