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If there is one thing we pride ourselves on, it’s our ability to get our clients thrilled about the services we provide. But don’t take our word for it—read the reviews we have received. They are all real and appear on credible review sites like Google Business and the Better Business Bureau.

Real reviews posted on the Better Business Bureau

Very happy with Gold alliance  *****

” I have had all positive experiences with Gold Alliance. First, they are friendly and open with information on precious metals and how the entire investing process works. They offer a great deal of information and have thoroughly answered whatever questions I’ve asked. Second, if you plan to move money from another source, they will help the whole process go smoothly, including getting an uncooperative current fund proprietor to cooperate. They don’t let you get confused and/or thrown off course during account set up procedures. Third, as you work with them you quickly understand that they are in this for the long haul and will be there for the simplest question or anything else that requires attention and resolution. I’ve been very happy with my business relationship with Gold Alliance, and I look forward to a long affiliation with them. ”  – Mike J

I have confidence in knowing I made a good investment  *****

” I have had the opportunity and pleasure of working with 2 competent and reputable team members of Gold Alliance. I was a little apprehensive at first but was reassured by researching this great company. When I received my coins, i was even more impressed with the quality. They went over and beyond to assist me with my timely transaction. I have confidence in knowing I made a good investment. Thanks Brandon!” – Darlene M

I made the right choice  *****

” I have enjoyed my experience with GOLD ALLIANCE…. Fred was so helpful and willing to answer any question I asked! No question was ignored or brushed over, from the products, cost, legal aspects, IRAs, beneficiaries, whatever – it was addressed and I came away fulfilled and confident about the company, their function and responsibility, and anything else to do with the purchase process. There was no “hard sell” by any of their reps that I met…, and the people who expedited the paperwork and worked diligently and quietly in the background were so helpful, personable, efficient that I know my purchase was “done right” and that I made the right choice by selecting GOLD ALLIANCE for my precious metals purchases. I did investigate a couple other companies, but GOLD ALLIANCE was the right choice for me. (And, I am not related to any representative, employee, or do I have conflict of interest that may sway my rather high opinion of this well-established company.) There is a good feeling in knowing that I have a well-established business relationship with these folks. I look forward to many years of business for which they are so passionate. Thank you GOLD ALLIANCE. ” – Shay C

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Real Reviews posted on Google Business

Exceptional service  *****

” I wish this rating system would allow me to give Gold Alliance, especially Fred, at least 10 stars for their exceptional service and my experience of working with them! I am new to investing and Fred took his time and guide me through the process. He was very informative and knowledgeable. This made me want to move forward with this company and invest in precious metals. I could not have been happier with my choice. Thank you, Gold Alliance and Thank you Fred!!!!! ” – Angelica Castro

Impressed with the professionalism and empathy  *****

” This was my first time query into precious metals. All of my questions were answered patiently and I never felt rushed or pressured. Most importantly I was impressed with the professionalism and empathy that conveyed assurance and trust. I recommend Gold Alliance Capital to my friends and family.” – Charles P

Gold Alliance Treated me like a king  *****

” I’m a 63 year old retiree and had a little money left in my 457 plan I decided to invest in gold and silver so I did some research and discovered gold alliance capital. They helped me the whole way and it was a troubling process’they couldn’t have been nicer or of better service than they have been. I only invested 30t thousand but they still treated me like a king. I highly recommend them to everyone!!! ” – John Johanson

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We take all of our clients’ feedback very seriously. So, if you have any questions for us or would like to leave a comment, get in touch right away by calling us at 888-734-7453 or emailing us at