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Silver IRA–Approved Coins

Silver is in high demand, making it a great choice for investors, since it’s an essential element in jewelry, medical equipment, industrial tools and energy technology. It’s proven itself as one of the safest long-term assets, when faced with market instability – with many investors buying into silver to hedge against inflation.
We, at Gold Alliance, advise our clients to make silver a component of their retirement portfolios. In order to do this, however, it’s vital that Precious Metal IRA owners make sure their silver assets meet IRS regulations. Let us make your life easier by explaining which precious metal products can be placed in your IRA. Speak with a Gold Alliance IRA Expert at 888-567-6689 and we’ll show you just how easy it is to take control of your financial security by investing in physical coins.

Which Silver IRA–Approved coins should I be investing in?

To be eligible for inclusion in a Precious Metals IRA, the silver must:

  • have a fineness of .999 or 99.9 purity and
  • be in the safekeeping of your custodian at a secure depository (because of IRS regulations, we strongly advise against home storage).

It’s important to note that any silver you may already have in your possession cannot be added to your Silver IRA.

How to avoid counterfeit silver

Thankfully, both fake silver coins and fake silver bars are pretty easy to spot. Checking for authenticity shouldn’t be necessary if you have a good silver dealer. But, you can never be too careful with your retirement savings, so checking the authenticity might save you a lot of stress in the long term. You can check the purity and see if you have genuine IRA-approved silver coins by carrying out non-damaging magnet, ice-cube, bleach, dimension, and visual tests.

Popular Silver IRA Coins


Silver American Eagle

This beautiful domestic issue has been in circulation since 1986, thanks to the Liberty Coin Act of 1985. It marks the first silver type available to IRA investors that’s minted in the US.


Proof Silver American Eagle

Silver American Eagle Proof coins are collectible versions of US bullion coins. They never go into circulation and have limited availability in a one-ounce size. They come from the US Mint at West Point, and therefore bear the “W” mark.

Other Coins Approved For Silver IRAs

Here are additional coins that you can include in your silver IRA:

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Silver Canadian Maple Leaf
Originating from the Royal Canadian Mint, this annually issued coin was first minted in 1988. The obverse and reverse display Queen Elizabeth II and the maple leaf respectively.

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Silver Britannia
These coins have been issued in silver since 1997, and are minted at the UK’s oldest mint.

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Silver Mexican Libertad
North America’s oldest mint produces this issue. It depicts the Mexican Coat of Arms on the reverse and the winged Victory on the obverse.

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Silver Australian Kookaburra
This coin has been produced at the Perth Mint since 1990, the image on the reverse side changes every year, but the obverse side always features a Kookaburra—one of the country’s native birds.

ira coin

Silver Arctic Fox
This Canadian issue features one of the country’s great symbols – the arctic fox – on the reverse, and another – Queen Elizabeth II – on the obverse.

Silver coins not approved for silver IRAs

Here’s a list of coins and bullion that cannot be added to your silver IRA:

• Austrian corona
• Belgian franc
• Chilean peso
• Colombian peso
• British sovereign
• Dutch guilder
• French franc
• Hungarian korona
• Italian lira
• Mexican peso
• Rare or collectible coins
• South African krugerrand
• Swiss franc

Starting your silver IRA has never been easier

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