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The Benefits of a Silver IRA

Why Invest in a Silver IRA

Strength and stability for your savingson a silver platter

Having all your nest eggs in one basket is always a bad idea. Stocks, bonds, and paper assets seem to offer protection, but they offer little resistance against changing economic tides. They might seem strong when the economy’s booming but can be worth little more than the paper they’re written on when it goes bust. As a rare precious metal, silver shares none of these drawbacks.

With financial storms on the horizon, make sure your assets have a silver lining

It’s unlikely that the financial institution providing your IRA allows you to invest in precious metals, although such investments are permitted by law. To make life easier for themselves, financial institutions prefer assets they can administer and transact easily and electronically, like bonds, traded stocks, and mutual funds.

Americans have been “trained” to trust the Dow Jones industrial Average as a representation of how their savings are doing—in fact, the majority of your investments are tied to its erratic movements. But, with the recent ability to add precious metal investments to IRA savings plans, a growing number of Americans are jumping at the chance to protect their portfolio against future financial instability.

Why should you be looking to add physical silver to your IRA?

Most people think gold investments are the most profitable, but adding silver to your portfolio will bring you a whole host of benefits. Wondering why silver is a good investment? Not only has silver proved itself as a currency, it has also long been an essential element in industries ranging from jewelry to electronics. Learning as much as you can about investing in silver is vital if you want to maximize these benefits.

Why limit yourself to silver? Reap the rewards of a diversified portfolio

The key to unlocking wealth-building potential is diversification. With a self-directed IRA, you have the option to invest in a whole range of precious metals, so why limit yourself to silver? You can profit from other precious metals like gold, platinum and palladium.

At Gold Alliance, we can set up a Silver IRA for you immediately, so you can start reaping the rewards of precious metals instantly. To learn more about which metals you can add to your self-directed IRA, request one of our FREE Silver IRA guides or call a Gold Alliance IRA expert at 888-734-7453.